Today, people should not find it strange that their neighbors, friends or relatives cannot rely on regular medications. It happens for reasons of being intolerant to the ingredients in the composition, or contraindication to the coloring or flavor agents. However, even such customers have a solution that can be addressed affordably. Compounding medicine provides options that are usually not available when turning to local pharmacies. And, most importantly, such services can be delivered even via the Internet that brings more comfort and confidentiality.

What Is Compounded Medication?

A compounded medication is a personalized formula of the drug prepared for a person upon his request. Commonly, buyers cannot order it without possessing the right doctor’s prescription because he is the only one in charge who can confirm the branded analogs are not fitting their health conditions. Upon transferring the prescription to the selected pharmacy (it should be accredited to provide such services), a compounding professional will mix the ingredients, adjust the dosage or even change the flavor of a drug for you.

Note, at all times your drug should be prepared only by a licensed physician, veterinarian or another expert in this medicine. Preferably, one should address this order to Cody drug that focus their services on compounded medicine. It will help to get a carefully mixed and prepared formula that will deprive patients of facing any side effects. And, we are one of them.

As of now, the range of these formulas involves ophthalmology, dental, dermatology, hormone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction, veterinary, pediatrics, geriatrics care.

What Are the Benefits of Compounded Medicine?

In fact, the biggest benefit of these drugs is their convenience in fitting the needs of individuals who cannot take commercialized medications. Thus, necessary care won’t be postponed because of the nonavailability of the right drug. For instance, one can request to exclude a few ingredients from the remedy he is allergic to. Or, parents can order cough remedies for their children with a more pleasant flavor. Finally, elder people have their unique needs, and they find it hard to swallow tablets. So, pharmacists will compound medication in the form of jelly or syrup for easier administration.

All in all, at Trusted Tablets 911 we await patients who have unique needs. We are an accredited pharmacy that has a certificate to proceed with compounding. From you, we expect only a prescription for a personalized formula.

Regularly, it takes up to 2-3 days to finalize your order, so you won’t waste time relying on us.

If you are not sure that we can accommodate your needs regarding medicine, please contact us and address your concerns. We will be more than happy to assist you.