We understand that managing prescriptions sometimes may be a tough task or time-consuming activity. Thus, exclusively for our clients, we enhance this procedure, and they can fully rely on us in terms of ordering/transferring prescription for compounded medications. If you are over 18 and you reside in America, we deliver services to you much quicker.

With us you have free admission, follow the next steps:

  • Upload a prescription using this form;
  • Fill in personal details;
  • Let us review your request and call you back for follow up;
  • Your account will accommodate the prescription availability within one hour;
  • You will receive a welcome message and may continue ordering.

Otherwise, if your prescription is with another pharmacy, you should inform us about it again by providing additional information regarding your medical data, doctor or healthcare provider who issued it, and a pharmacy that possesses your form. After, we will contact them for a transfer and checkup of the validity. Note, this option will take a few days of your time but we will do our best to accelerate the process. Take into consideration national holidays that can affect the waiting time.

After confirming the prescription validity, you will have access to certain medications, and refills. Upon receiving your approval, you will receive Trusted Tablets 911 reminders about the status of your prescription. We will notify you when it is about to expire or when you cannot exceed the supply.

Benefits of Our Prescription Management

First off, we make it really fast for you, and you can manage your prescriptions as well by using our designated platform. Other bonuses are:

  • It eliminates unnecessary interactions when ordering a drug. You click to order it and we start shipping without confirming the prescription;
  • Fast access to medications, repeats left, or transfer;
  • You receive reminders when you need to reorder or renew your prescription. Thus, you won’t run out of medications;
  • You spend less time picking up drugs or you may use the Express Delivery option;
  • You can manage family medications, add up to 6 family members.

At last, with our system, your data remains confidential, and you at any time possible may contact our experts in case of any inquiries.