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Welcome to Trusted Tablets, your partner in health available 24/7. Serving the Suplhur Spring from 2010, we achieved great results in boosting residents’ wellness and health condition. With us, no time-consuming queues, no prying eyes, a wide assortment of branded and generic medications along with compounded medicine, and fast delivery straight at your door.

As for our global mission, we strive to improve the well-being and peace of mind of every individual who turns to Trusted Tablets. Thus, it is crucial to make pharmaceutical products affordable and accessible. You choose what and when you want. You pay with a preferred method, and you can involve your insurance plan to cover medications.

Regarding the values, our employees are focused on delivering equal counseling and goods assortment to those with high-paying capacities and low. Accordingly, we guide the clients through the whole catalog of the pharmaceutical products and we never opt for promoting certain medications without any reason. If needed, a compounded medicine can accommodate the individuals’ needs but we insist that generics are the best solution to many health conditions and pockets.

Trusted Tablets


We can ensure your immunizations are up-to-date. We offer a wide range of safe, convenient and affordable vaccines including Flu, Pneumococcal, Shingles, Whooping Cough and more.


Compounding is a convenient service that combines your individual ingredients into the exact strength and dosage form you require, for a simple dosing schedule.


As much as we enjoy seeing you, we can coordinate all of your prescriptions into one monthly pick-up or home delivery on a date that works for you.

Why Choose Cody Drug?

  • 50 years of combined experience of your experts in the pharmaceutical field;
  • Online access to vital drugs delivered across the country and abroad;
  • The trust of more than 300K loyal customers;
  • Exceptional services for any taste;
  • Highly-trained professionals assisting your needs;
  • Only authentic products with all supporting certificates.

We Collaborate

We partner with hundreds of prescription providers to ensure our customers can easily transfer and refill their medications. Technically empowered by the clock-work functional prescription transfer system at Trusted tablets, we are able to get hold of your valid prescriptions in just a few clicks. You can start using our services without the need to physically leave your prescription at the store.

Innovations of Trusted Tablets

Our pharmacists do not limit their knowledge on standard pharma assortment but they strive to learn more about treating one or another condition, especially concerning compounded formulas for rare diseases.

We Are Fast

With our Medsync system, your drugs and prescriptions are constantly updating. It allows us to alert you about any renewals or changes from your GP. Besides, we guarantee you the fastest delivery.

We Have Prescription Savings

Get to know hidden bonuses of your coverage, Medicare Part D plans, and access the cheapest generic medications. Besides, we offer co-pay assistance from pharmaceutical companies and formulary alignment.

Keep in mind, our pharmacists are aware of the most common obstacles clients come across when turning to fraudsters in terms of medications. Trust us, we are a certified and accredited party. In case of any issue, Trusted Tablets 911 always welcome your concerns and can solve any problem. We never hide from the reimbursement if it is valid, and we never attach fake feedback about our service. You contact us, our employee guides you through the whole ordering process, you receive your medication, and tell us sincere feedback.

Trust Cody Drug Tablets your health problems, and you won’t regret a moment relying on us. Only authentic products, and friendly-family staff ensuring you are heard.

We Assist Families

Creating a future for kids is a top priority of any community. With us, you receive qualitative care for children at affordable prices, but most importantly, with interesting flavor and taste.

We Offer Vaccines

Do not underestimate the power of immunization. In the latest news in the world, you have to be ready to fight away any infection. Our catalog encompasses the resultative and safe vaccines for Flu, Pneumococcal, Shingles, Whooping Cough. Otherwise, let us know what you exactly need, and our pharmacists will follow up on the options.

We Have Counter Service

At Trusted Tablets, we have friendly staff who can satisfy your craving toward pharmaceutical products behind the counter. We go above and beyond, and that is one of the reasons to choose us because you can save time and nerves getting medications at our store. Treat us as your pharma family, and we won’t let you down when you need care the most.