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The history of Trusted tablets 911 pharmacy is traced back to 2010. The founder, found it hard to find one pharmacy in his hometown specializing in commercial and compounded products simultaneously. He understood that people who require both care need to spend much time on visits to several places, and it resulted in additional expenses. Mark managed to create a place where customers are put first so that they do not waste time but access affordable medications even via the Internet. And, today we are proudly serving the unique needs of our hometown residents and the ones from nearby communities.

At Trusted tablets, we offer vaccination, compounding remedies, Medsync to coordinate one’s pharmaceutical orders, co-pay assistance, refills, and a great variety of generics for anyone’s pocket.

Together with clients, we truly believe that our personnel should be treated decently and professionally. It is not about having a related degree in pharma only but continuous training and courses to boost the level of communication and delivery of services to clients. Once you contact us until you receive your medication, you are guided through the exceptional customer support from our employees. The same concerns your issues, whenever you hesitate about the right administration of a drug or do not know what you need exactly, it is another adventure for us to satisfy all your requirements.

Note, being a responsible pharmaceutical party, TT insists on the necessity of prior consultations with a doctor. It helps to proceed with top-notch treatment.

Finally, with us, you have Best Price Guarantee and risk-free ordering. We never compromise on quality and we offer one of the lowest prices. If you found a lower price on the required drug, address this concern to us. We will investigate the case because it can be connected to the poor quality goods, and then our representative will contact you back.

At Codydrug.com, the safety of drugs and, most importantly, our clients is one of the peaks of excellence we strive to achieve and that put us into action daily.